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Great for an easy weeknight dinner with the kids. Overall, the food is excellent. The prices are great, especially with the generous portion sizes. The staff is very friendly, in a genuinely warm, family-owned type way, not a professional, polite way and the restaurant is kid friendly.
I suggest getting the platter instead of the sandwiches. We tried three types of platters (for 2 adults and 3 kids)- chicken, paneer and falafel. The portion sizes are generous and 3 platters was more than enough.
All the platters are fresh, delicous and well seasoned- The falafel one was my fav by a slight margin- Think flavors of fire roasted eggplant, nutty tahini and garlic deliciousness in the forms of baba ganoush, tahini sauce and hummus, served with salad, fresh made pita bread and your choice of side. We tried several sides-chickpeas with curry sauce, spinach in a garlicky butter and eggplant in a sauce with cardamom (the eggplant was so so, but the other two were delish.)
No cons, but it is worth mentioning the location is a little weird, tucked away on Gallows near the 495. The seldom crowded private parking lot more than makes up for it.

Leah K.

I rarely, if ever, give five stars. My standards are on the high side. These folks do everything right. The food is so delicious, and the service is some of the best you will get in Northern VA. The butter chicken and rice is spicy, tasty, and the portion is generous. You get tons of delicious, well-cooked rice, and bread to dip in the sauce. My favorite. I tried the meat samosas last night…..amazing. I used this horseradish-tasting sauce that came with my dinner to dip them in. NEW FAVORITE!!!

Quality, flavor, kindness — they have hit all the notes just right!!

Ro M.

Wow! All I can say is Wow!! SUPER delicious. Reasonably priced… 10.95 for my chicken kabob which was one of the best grilled chicken I got. Like seriously, I was about to take the highway home and saw this place.. I said, why not.. I’m sooo glad I did because this place is an exit away from me. And they currently have a buffet at night for 25.00 which includes all you can eat kabob with sides and deserts.

Lola M.

One of my top kabob joints, serving what appears to be a Paki style as opposed to Afghan. The eggplant is spicy, and more stew like. The chick peas are spicier than the standad fare as well. The kabobs are well seasoned and well cooked. They are usually served with 2 kinds of rice which are delectable and perfectly prepared , and a small salad witha minty yogurt based dressing. The bread is a bit smaller than I am used to seeing but there is plenty of meat and rice. Really, enough for 2 meals but it is so good I usually eat it all then feel stuffed! I tell myself I am going to try something else but the kabobs and shwarma are so good I don’t seem to get around to it. Ask for some extra sumac seasoning, delicious! We get takeout, but the seating area is pleasantly decorated and clean. Friendly staff.

Tuffy S.

My go to place whenever I craving kabobs. I lived like less than 2 minutes away from this place. I always drive pass by it but never actually thought of checking it out until now. Moving on with the food, the food is extremely good and the meat is well-marinated and the portion is big. There is so many things to try on the menu. There’s not much of a service here which I like. I don’t really know much about kabobs so I can’t say much but I highly recommend this place if you’re into this kind of food.

Khoi U.

Oh my gosh so amazing. My boyfriend and I went in on a whim for a craving of lamb kabobs. The people who worked there were so sweet, order ahead of time because it take a while to get your food. I asked for extra white and green sauce and they gave me so much! Overall it was yummy and we’d definitely come back.

Thien L.

This is simply some of the best tasting food I have ever had. I come here regularly. Chicken Shawarma is my go to. Naan is good and thick, fluffy. Great for piling into the fridge at home to be reheated quickly in microwave.

Charlie G.

Omg you gotta love this place . Well. I do . They have delicious kobab in the region .
The cashier is always smiling at your face . Greets you with tahinna hummus and bread or sweet baklava .
Make it your next stop . Although sometimes the food takes long than the average time . So call ahead of time will be the best way.

Hassan A.

Stopped by on a Thursday evening and ordered the shawarma platter, hummus, and their great baba ganoush. Our food tasted like good food that was microwaved and served to us after it had cooled. Hummus and baba ganoush were hard to eat since each was doused with what seemed to be a full cup of olive oil. We ended up having to get a water cup to pour off the excess oil. Didn’t see the owner there this time around.

John L.

Ok, I’m now here for the third time in the days. I can’t stay away. The second day I learned I did not like the schwarma once I had a beef kabob Sammi have which was so delicious and moist and I could pit whatever I wanted on it. Man, I loaded up on pickles, pickled onions, lettuce, feta, and all the mummy green sauce. I even got extra green sauce from the guy behind the counter because he knows my love affair with it. The second time I ordered the eggplant I got a giant container for 4 bucks which was my breakfast the next day. These guys are finally figuring it out and as they get more trained help it will only get better. I would eat here every day if I could.

Heather G.

First time coming here and we loved it. We got the ground beef and chicken kabob and both were well seasoned and very juicy and tender. Most chicken kabob’s I’ve had were a bit dry but this one was not in the least bit. The yogurt sauce was nice and creamy and their portions are quite big. You definitely get what you pay for.
The service was great! They were very nice and curteous. Unfortunately, they didn’t have shawarma because they didn’t have the machine but they made it up to us by giving us free baklava!
Definitely coming back and hopefully they’ll have shawarma next time!

YaZhen C.

I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this place yet. Don’t be put off by the exterior that looks like an old Long John Silver or Arthur Treachers. I’ve eaten in, carried out, and ordered delivery through GrubHub. In all instances, the food is fresh and madd to order. The fatoosh salad with chicken and falafel platters are both excellent. The food is clean and bright tasting and nothing is overly greasy or messy. They have an excellent green sauce that brings a fresh flavor to everything they serve. If you order a nom-vegetarian entree you get a side, typically chick peas, but they also have a “side-of-the-day” not on the menu. My husband raves when it’s the butter chicken and never misses an opportunity to order it.

Maggie M.

AMAZING CHICKEN KABOBS! The price isn’t too expensive but it’s also not cheap. Their service was spectacular! The person at the front was knowledgeable in describing the different foods they have. Their decorations were a lot nicer than the other places I’ve been to. Only thing I didn’t like was that they didn’t have filtered water.

Brandon L.

My wonderful husband brings food home from this place frequently. We like it! It’s consistent and good! My favorite is the chickpeas, they really are delish! The kids love the shredded chicken over rice with the white sauce!

Sadia C.

This place is true to its name! The chicken and lamb were moist and flavorful. The sauces were fresh and herby. The eggplant and spinach sides were great. Hummus and Baba were amazing. Good pita too!

Mary C.